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DiRi Talents Associates are looking for Professional and Dedicated ‘Fresh / Experienced’ Content Writers.

Opportunity Type:
  • Online / HomeBased (Part Time & Full Time)
Salary Package:
  • Fix Salary Package b/w PKR 15,000 – PKR 40,000 per month

If you are interested in this Opportunity, Drop your CVs & 3-5 Writing Samples at below given email addresses:

Email: CEO@diritalents.com
CC: aicreatives@yahoo.com

** Please forward your CVs & Samples at both emails **

Eligibility Criteria:

:> Must be an Excellent Writer who can ensure Unique, Well-research, Interesting and Reader-engaging Content.

:>  Initially, there will be a Probation Period of 10 Tasks. The Writers will be Paid for all the Approved Tasks between PKR 0.5 to PKR 1.0 per word.

:> Task can be an Article / Blog, Website Content, Ebook Writing, Product Description etc.

:> Applicant must be good in any one area like Tech, Fashion, Medical,  Business, Sports etc.

Further details will be disclosed at the time of Interview / Final Selection.

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NO DEAL TODAY: Technical Analysis of GBP Vs USD

The UK based PMI tells us that GBP severely decelerated to 53.9 in April 2018. It is, so far, the lowest level in the past 17 months. This is going to leave the negative impact on GBP / USD. This GBP / USD relationship is heading towards a lower trend and hence, decreasing the chances of the Bank of England to raise the bank rate on May 2018.

The PMI manufacturing report has further said that the upturn in the UK manufacturing sector slowed further at the start of the second quarter, with rates of expansion making easy for output, new productions, and hence, an enhanced employment. This partly reflects a weakening pace of expansion of new work opportunities from abroad.

Factors Responsible for Affecting Exchange Rates of GBP/USD

There are a few key factors responsible to affect these rates:

  1. Inflation Rate

Changes in the Market Inflation rate cause changes in currency exchange rates. Any country which has a lower inflation rate than another’s will see an appreciation in the value of money.

  1. Interest Rates

Similarly, changes in the country’s interest rate affect value and dollar exchange rates. Forex rates, interest rates, and inflation are all correlated.

  1. Country’s Current Account

The balance of payments like trade and earnings on foreign investment, total exports and imports in a financial year and debts etc. all are included. A deficit in this current account due to spending more of its currency on imports rather on exports causes the depreciation.

  1. Government Debt

If there is any national debt owned by the Central Government, that country is less likely to acquire foreign capital, leading to inflation.

  1. Terms of Trade

Terms of Trade is the ratio of its export prices to import prices any country’s terms of trade improves if its export prices are higher and vice versa.

  1. Political Stability

A country’s political stability has a positive impact on its economy, and hence, on the exchange rate. Any country prone to political confusions may see depreciation in foreign rates.

  1. Recession

When a country is facing recession, its exchange rate is likely to fall, which lowers the chances to acquire more foreign capital.

  1. Speculation

If the value of the currency is increasing, investors are going to demand more of that currency. With an increase in its value, comes an increase in its exchange rate as well.

This PMI manufacturing report confirms the general softness of the UK economy indicated by the slowdown trend in UK GDP has risen to 0.1 % over the first quarter of this year while it is going to be decelerating to 1.2 % over the end of the year.

Technically speaking, this GBP / USD relationship, has broken the key support level of 1.37, which represents 38.2 Fibonacci retracement line, moving higher from 1.27 to a 22 month high of 1.47 from Monday. It is still reflecting to be on a declining side.


Great British Pounds, United States Dollars, Purchasing Managers’ Index


Content curation refers to the collection, organization, analysis, and interpretation of existing content in a manner that is meaningful and helpful to the target audience. It is a concept that is currently trending in the marketing world and numerous businesses have used it to optimize their content marketing strategies. However, curating content is not just for marketers, but instead, it is an essential skill for educators and students, as well.


With access to information as easy as ever before, there are massive amounts of data available to teachers and students regarding their subject matter but the real challenge lies in picking out relevant and required information from all this data. Content curation can facilitate both educators and students by helping them deal with the overwhelming amount of information that is available on the internet today.

Why Teach Content Curation?

When you feel confused about a particular grey area in a topic that you are studying or want to learn more detail about a subject then the first thing that you will do is Google it. While search engines such as Google do filter content to quite an extent, it is still rudimentary in its approach and lacks the element of ‘human filtering’ that is the intention and critical.

Beth Kanter of Business Insider explains that content curation is a process of sorting that results in the organization of content (filtered by search engines) in a meaningful and specific manner. She adds that the mindful consumption of information is the heart of the content curation process. Educators want their students to learn the complex ways and processes that go into knowing and understanding the content regarding a subject matter and that is exactly what the practice of content curation can enable them to do.


The keyword in Beth’s definition is ‘mindful consumption’ which explains how content curation can allow you to absorb only relevant information that you need from the massive amount of data that you find on search engines. The magnitude of the information available on all subject matters is enormous. This leads to students being unable to organize their ideas and thoughts against those that are found on the internet. Eventually, students produce work that comes from unfiltered content and hence, they represent information without knowledge.

On the other hand, content curation allows students to turn the information into knowledge by being able to judge, organize, assess, and commentate on the content that they find. The process encourages critical thinking and evaluation and hence leads to an improved learning experience for them.

How The Content Curation Process Works:

When educators are looking to teach students about content curation, it is important that model the process for them so that the students know exactly what to do. By demonstrating how you search for a topic, filter the information, evaluate the sources, and analyze the information; you can provide students with a model that they can use to form their very own content curation techniques.

 If this seems too abstract, then here are the steps that are part of the content curation process: Searching for content, Filtering the content, Consuming the content, Organizing/Managing/Filtering the content, Adding Commentary to the content, and Sharing (or Displaying) the content. As an educator, you should demonstrate each of these steps so that students can learn about the content curation process.


Content curation can help educators and students by allowing them to refine large amounts of content in a meaningful and specific way so that they can find relevant information. However, without the right tools, the task of content curation can be a tough and complex one to carry out. This is where ReputUp, a powerful and feature-rich content curation tool, can come in very handy. The tool automates the process of content curation for you from finding information to curating it and sharing it to chosen platforms, everything is much easier with the help of this simple solution for curating content.


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